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Get to know Neema's Children:

Get to Know Neema

Neema currently sells porridge to commuters in the morning and kangas in the afternoon. From the loans she has received, Neema has diversified and doubled her income! Just recently, she started a pig farm on her friend's land and is excited to see how it grows. Moving forward, Neema hopes to lease land as well as grow and sell potatoes, maize, and sunflowers, and would fertilize her land with the manure from her pigs. Neema is incredibly driven and we are excited to see where her passion and drive take her!

Neema's 2015 Update:

Neema (pronounced Nay-ma) is bright and youthful. She is always engaged in lively conversations, and laughs often. She is quick to make friends, even with those who don’t speak the same language as her.


Neema moved from the neighboring country of Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya with her husband and two daughters (Stella and Sarah) because she did not receive a good education growing up in Tanzania, and education would be more affordable for her daughters in Kenya. Her husband, however, soon returned to Tanzania where he could earn a more stable income as a farmer. He has recently stopped sending financial support, and appears to have abandoned his family. “I know nothing about his life in Tanzania – maybe he has started a new family and has left us,” says Neema.


Neema has now risen to the task of providing for her girls as a single mother. She is currently trying to sell liquid porridge on the streets in exchange for the equivalent of a few pennies per cup. With a micro-loan, she could invest in a small stand where she could sell used clothing, which would yield higher profit than the watery porridge.


Orphaned at a young age, Neema was raised by relatives with little hope. Her dream is to provide her daughters with a solid foundation for their future.


Sarah lives with her mother and older sister in the informal settlements of Nairobi. Her father abandoned the family and moved to Tanzania, but her mother, Neema, is determined to provide her daughters with a good education in Nairobi. She loves playing with cameras and technology, and likes playing outside with friends. Sarah is now 10 years old and has entered Class 4, which is actually one grade higher than most students her age. She does very well in school, loves learning about religion, and wants to become a teacher someday! Outside of school she enjoys skipping rope and is helping her mom learn English.


Neema's Children


Stella is now 13 years old and has entered Class 6. She loves learning about science and hopes to become a doctor one day. She loves to skip rope with her sister and friends, and helps her mom around the house. Stella likes to skip rope and make up games with her friends, but her mother is often concerned because there are not many safe places for the children to play outside.



Family Update


Family Update


Family Update

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