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Your Role

Your Role

This is where we invite you to step into your role with Under the Same Tree. To our program families, you are a cheering supporter, a trusted empowerer, a rock of stability, a wise investor, a partner and a friend. You are all of these things to them, and you are so important.

"Sometimes I feel like life is so overwhelming and am tempted to give up. But then I always remember that someone on the other side of the world chose to believe in me, and I feel like it's a miracle. That's why I can never give up." - UTST Kenya Program Member

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Empower AFAMily

You can prevent the effects of poverty in an entire family. Family empowerment equips a parent to build a consistent income source while ensuring their kids remain healthy and educated. Family empowerment has an impact for generations to come, and starts at $70 per month.

Empower AFAMily

You can partner with a parent to prevent the effects of poverty in the life of their child. Our child sponsorship opportunity is unique in that while supporting a child's education and nutritional needs, part of the sponsorship goes to empowering their parent to build a consistent source of income, so that they can meet the needs of their children in the long-term. Child sponsorship starts at $30 per month.



Here is the opportunity to use your resources, time, and skills to directly transform lives around the world. We are matching entrepreneurs and business leaders in the USA with the entrepreneurs that we serve internationally. Starting at $50 per month, have the opportunity to encourage, mentor, and cheer on an entrepreneur, her business, and her family while getting increased exposure for your business.​​

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Volunteer andTravel

We Invite Churches and groups to join us in the following ways:

Financial Support

  • Support monthly or annually

  • One-time gifts

  • Sponsor a country program


  • Partner with UTST to implement our program model in the mission fields where you already serve.

  • UTST can help structure your church's missions strategy and programming.

  • Invite us to speak to your group

Service Projects and Trips:

  • Join service trips to our international programs

  • Serve within Saint Louis neighborhoods where refugee families have been resettled.

  • Host a refugee artisan booth at your church or small group


  • Teach artisan skills to women who have been resettled in Saint Louis as refugees

  • Lead a refugee artisan co-op group

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