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Our Impact

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is a process by which organizations track the impact and measure the effectiveness of their programs. At Under the Same Tree, we do this in a number of ways. Our monitoring and evaluation measures and methods include repayment tracking, meeting attendance, in-home visits, interviews, profit &  budget tracking, and self-evaluations. This data is collected on a quarterly and annual basis. Because of our preventative approach, we measure both increases in family stability AND decreases in family vulnerabilities.

What We Measure


Reported decreases in stress and anxiety

Maintaining friendships and community


Ability to set and reach goals


Food security



Family Preservation

Freedom from exploitation

Business growth

Repayment rates


Freedom of time and capacity to participate in spiritual expression and activity, as desired

Additional spiritual outcomes are disclosed offline.

Recorded Outcomes


  • 22 of 23 families overall remained engaged in  programs and reported increased quality of life.

  • 19 of 20 familes in East Africa launched or expanded income-generating business and repaid loans from 2016-17. 

  • 2 Children graduated high school

  • 47 Children were kept in school

  • 1 teen pregnancy resulted in a safe delivery

  • 4 families moved into better living situations

  • 100% of families reported increase in family income and quality of life

  • 100% of families did not experience homelessness

  • 100% of families felt that they had enough to eat

  • 100% of families did not experience poverty and sanitation -related diseases OR were able to afford prompt and adequate treatment

  • 100% of families did not experience the need to leave their children with orphanages or extended family

  • 100% of families did not experience prostitution or human trafficking

  • 7 families were able to care for orphaned children

  • 1 family reclaimed children left at orphanage

*For spiritual outcomes report, please email

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