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COVID-19 Relief

Help Families survive food shortages during covid-19

During COVID-19 lockdowns, families served by UTST have not been allowed to work, and therefore been facing lack of access to food and eviction from their homes due to lack of income. UTST is responding by providing immediate needs in the short-term, and helping with business rebuilding in the long-term. We need your support more than ever in this time of crisis.

Please help us as we work to raise $3000 for immediate food and shelter relief for UTST families, and $8000 for rebuilding of businesses lost due to COVID-19 lockdowns.


Thank you for your generous contribution to Under the Same Tree!

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Betty's Story

During COVID-19 lockdowns in Nairobi, Kenya, individuals face possibility of arrest if they leave their homes. For women like Betty, this means that they have to make the impossible decision to either risk jail by going out to earn money for food and rent during lockdown, or risk homelessness and starvation for their babies.

Betty has been unable to run her business doing custom beadwork, and has therefore been unable to afford to provide for her family's needs. Her children were going hungry, and they were forced to shelter with a neighbor when they were evicted from their apartment. 

Under the Same Tree has been able to provide this family with food during the lockdown, and emergency funding so that they can remain in their home. When the lockdown lifts, we will get to work helping Betty rebuild her business.

COVID-19 Update video

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