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St. Louis is currently home to tens of thousands of people who have been resettled as refugees from over 20 countries worldwide. Data has proven that refugees can revitalize declining neighborhoods when empowered to do so. We believe St. Louis needs our friends who have come here as refugees, but we also believe that these people need their neighbors. 

When these families are settled in Saint Louis, women often face extreme isolation as their children enroll in school, and husbands work long hours. The Under the Same Tree Refugee Artisan Co-op provides these women a chance to engage in purposeful, community driven activity. Under the Same Tree matches groups of 4 or 5 women from places like Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan with a group of American volunteers. They meet together weekly to create artisan products, and we find opportunities for these products to be sold at craft fairs, farmers markets, churches, etc. This creates an opportunity to earn some small household income, but also to connect socially, practice English language skills, grow in confidence, become more interconnected with the wider Saint Louis community, and to develop marketable skills for future employment. 

We are currently seeking women who would like to volunteer with this program!

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