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our Work


our mission is to 

the effects of poverty through 

Economic Empowerment

We come alongside people who are innovative, resourceful, and hard-working who are trapped in a web of poverty. Poverty-related vulnerabilities are interconnected, and the web is nearly impossible to escape. By addressing the source of the web, we prevent families from experiencing the traumatic effects of poverty, and they are able to move from a web of poverty into a holistic cycle of empowerment.  

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Training and Equipping

We come alongside vulnerable single moms, and provide  them with financial and business management training. They develop business plans and proposals, and we assist them with the implementation of their plan.

Economic Empowerment

We fund lending pools that enable our program members to  purchase the supplies needed to start  a business. They meet together weekly to encourage one another, collect repayment, and develop savings accounts. 

Child Sponsorship

While parents are focusing on growing a consistent income source, we provide a stipend to assist with the school tuition, nutrition, and medical needs of children. This child sponsorship serves as the incentive for parents to repay their business loans.

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Copyright Under the Same Tree, 2018


our Families

Empowering a family is simple and easy. Click to meet our families.

Where We Work

While all of our programs follow the same model and produce similar outcomes, we are focused on distinct vulnerable populations in each of our geographic hubs.


Orphan Care and Prevention

Preventing children from being orphaned and equipping local foster families through economic empowerment. 

Current Work: We in partner with local churches and community organizations in Kenya and Uganda, working with families who are vulnerable to child abandonment or who are fostering orphaned children to create sustainable sources of income. 


Human Trafficking Recovery and Prevention

Creating sustainable futures for those rescued from human trafficking, and preventing trafficking and exploitation in vulnerable populations. 

Current Work: We are partnered with Rapha House in Haiti to work with the families of young girls that they have rescued and rehabilitated in order to create financial stability, prevent re-trafficking, and provide trades and jobs that can sustain these girls' futures. 


Stability and Livelihoods

Working to increase stability and opportunity in communities throughout Latin America, making families less likely to reach the desperation that leads to migration. 

Current Work: Currently seeking partners in Latin America!


Community and Opportunity for Refugees

Creating opportunities for women from places like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan who have been resettled in Saint Louis, MO as refugees to engage in meaningful community and sell artisan products in local markets. 

Current Work: We work with several ministries to refugees in Saint Louis.


Economic empowerment is a smart investment that works to help prevent the high economic, psychological and social 

costs that are caused by poverty-related vulnerabilities.

Cost of 1 human trafficking rescue operation: $6300

Cost of homelessness services and rehabilitation for 1 individual: $13,110

Cost of raising 1 child in an orphanage: $28,000

Cost of initiating our cycle of empowerment that helps prevent these vulnerabilities for 1 individual: $300

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