Get to Know Irene

Irene is mother to three young girls - Abigail, Charity, and Carline. They live in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. Irene loves to garden, and shares delicious mango juice with friends. Irene is working together with her best friend, Betty, to build a business making beaded baskets and bags. A microloan will help them with the initial supplies that they need to get the business up and running.

Irene's Children


Abigail is 13 years old and in class 7 at school, where she does very well. Her favorite class is religious education, she loves to play hide and seek, and wants to become a doctor one day. . She is curious and always asks a lot of questions. She enjoys teaching, and hopes to travel the world one day! 



Charity is 12 years old and is very quiet and sweet. Her favorite subject is religious education, she loves to play and seek, and like her sister, wants to become a doctor one day. She enjoys making up dance routines with her older sister, Abigail.


Carline is 3 years old, and was named after a UTST volunteer! She had rickets when she was younger, but now is doing well. Carline is sweet and playful!


Family Update


Family Update



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