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For only $30/month you can sponsor one of these children and make a life long impact on their whole family. Our child sponsorship opportunity is unique in that while supporting a child's education and nutritional needs, part of the sponsorship goes to empowering their parent to build a consistent source of income, so that they can meet the needs of their children in the long-term. As a child sponsor, you will receive quarterly updates and messages so that you can follow the family on their journey.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or learning more, please complete the contact form below.

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Stephany is 9 years old and lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Her favorite color is red, her favorite food is french fries and chicken, and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. This is her message to UTST supporters, "I am so grateful for the support that you have provided for me and am now enrolled to school without being sent home because of school fees."