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Betty's 2017 Update:

Betty's primary business is beading, but she is hoping to begin making more kangas, which can be used as side wraps to swaddle babies, a decoration, head wrap, or body wrap. She is also thinking of selling children's clothing. Betty still spends a lot of time with her friend Irene, and Betty's children Collins (7) and Alvin (2) are both doing well and are now at the same school.

Get to Know Betty

Betty is quiet and sweet. She is a loyal friend. Betty has been with UTST since 2016, and is working on building a business in which she sells hand crafted beaded purses, jewelry, and home decor. She knows how to make intricate styles, and she is building a clientele or customers who come to her with custom orders. When we first met Betty, she was living in a dark and damp single room in an area where sewage would floor in under the door when it rained. her children were often sick, and missed school due to hospitalizations. Progress in her business has enabled Betty to move into a bigger, airy, and clean apartment with her children.

Betty's Children:


Collins is now 7 years old and his favorite subject is English, which he is quite good at. He loves to cheer on his favorite football team, Chelsea, eat eggs, and help his mom wash utensils. He is sometimes quiet and shy, but loves to run and play with friends.



Alvin is a 3 year old little boy who has a huge smile. He is in preschool, and loves learning to write his letters. At home, he loves playing with his big brother, who he looks up to very much.



Chantelle is a 9 month old baby girl who lives with her mother and two older brothers. 

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Family Update


Family Update

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