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Get to Know Annet

Annet is a mom of 5 (including 1 adopted child), who lives in Kiboga, Uganda. She founded her own school, and provides discounted tuition to families in need in her community. Through Under the Same Tree, Annet is adding additional classrooms, desks, and playground equipment to the school, and is employing 8 people.

Annet's Children:


Winnie is Annet's niece who has come to live with her family. She is 8 years old.

Sponsor Winnie


Robert is 12 years old, and has epilepsy. He attends a boarding school that can monitor his condition.


Robina is two years old, and is described as a happy and content toddler. She is shy around strangers.


Samuel is a happy and silly five year old. His favorite color is orange and his favorite food is rice. He wants to be a police officer when he grows up.


Family Update


Family Update

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