Get to know Susan's Children:

Susan's 2017 Update:


Susan currently sells women's dresses, purses, and does beading work. She has found success in buying dresses and tailoring and beading them for different customers. She hopes to find a storefront sometime soon because she currently runs her business out of home, and to ensure she's providing the best service for her customers, she continues to take sewing lessons.

Susan's 2015 Update:


Susan is bright, energetic, and fun to be around. Her husband struggles with health problems, and she has four young children, David, Hope, Praise, and Debra. Susan's business is the family's sole source of income. Susan runs a used clothing boutique, and designs hand-made jewelry. She is seeking to upgrade and expand her shop in order to increase her family's income. 

Get to Know Anna

Anna's primary business includes sewing children's clothing and making jewelry. She used her loan to make necklaces, earrings, and other custom pieces that she sells in Kampala and Kiboga. Her future plans are to expand business and possibly begin building homes that can be rented out as well as continue buying more materials for sewing and jewelry.​

Anna's Children


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Family Update


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