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Get to Know Shiro

Shiro is a mom to three kids, and is the main income earner for her family. She has a good eye for style, and has been building a business reselling used clothing to clients in surrounding neighborhoods. She has been become like a personal shopper for many of her clientele - she is able to learn their personal style, and then she seeks out items that they would like at the wholesale used clothing markets and resells to them. She has also become interested in adding high quality children's clothing items to her repertoire.

Kate is now 10 years old and has entered class 5. Her favorite subject in school is science and she loves to play games where she can catch and throw, especially football. Kate is shy, but playful once she gets to know you. She is the firstborn in her family, and and she helps her mom out around the house.



Triza is 3 years old, and is sweet and sassy. When she was a baby, everyone always wanted to hold her because she looked like a little baby doll. She loves playing outside, and loves going to preschool. She has recently become a big sister!



Kelvin is 9 months old, and has two big sisters. He had an allergic reaction that caused discoloration in his skin when he was very small, but is recovering well.



Family Update


Family Update


Family Update

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