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Summer Team Shoutout: Tilly Keeven-Glascock

This summer, we've had some wonderful extra help from our team of interns! We are excited to introduce Tilly - a graduate of Cor Jesu Academy in Saint Louis, and an incoming freshman at Notre Dame University.

Tell us about yourself!

I’m a proud born-and-bred St. Louisian who will soon be starting at the University of Notre Dame to major in Finance and Economics. As a junior, I met Christy Horton (Director of Development) when she came to my theology class to discuss UTST. I still needed to fulfill my school’s 40 service-hour requirement, and asked her if she could use a volunteer. In a few hours, I’d signed on as a summer volunteer, and after 40 hours of service, I couldn’t imagine leaving! The rest is history.

What is your role with UTST this summer?

I work as an intern assisting with the artisan co-op at the Tower Grove Market. Most of my time is spent helping our refugees to advertise their products, manage sales, record transactions, and doing basic translations when needed.

How has working with UTST shaped the way you encounter the world?

Before coming to work with UTST, I knew that I had privilege. Racially and socio-economically, I am at an unfair advantage compared to many of my peers, who have to work twice as hard as I do for the same opportunities. However, working intimately with our refugees taught me not only the magnitude of my privilege, but the ways in which I could use it to tip the scales, empower others, and change the system that put me on a pedestal I didn’t deserve. I’m honored to call the women here at UTST my friends, and they’ve taught me innumerable lessons on opportunity, discipline, work ethic, and- above all- unconditional kindness. Any way that I can give back to them is a gift.

How would you invite people to get involved and make a difference?

We all watch the news or scroll through Twitter and feel angry. Nowadays, we’re bombarded with stories and images of injustice, and it’s easy to feel hopeless, like there’s no outlet for us to channel that anger into action. But 18 years of life on this planet has taught me that complacency is directly choosing the side of injustice. I encourage everyone who feels angry, sad, hopeless, or simply lost in this age to go out and act. Nonprofits and religious groups are always looking for help, whether it’s in volunteers or donations. Call your representatives, go to the protests and marches that interest you, or simply listen to the stories of those who lack your privileges. Understand that your voice has power; you have the potential to change the world and truly make a difference, but you have to choose to do so. No one will do it for you.

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