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Summer Team Shoutout: Bekah Segrist

This summer, we've had some wonderful extra help from our team of interns! We are excited to introduce Bekah Segrist, a student from Hope College in Holland, Michigan!

Tell us about yourself!

I just finished my sophomore year at Hope College in Holland, Michigan. I

am majoring in Business with a minor in Economics with hopes to work in

a community development capacity. I love anything that has to do with

competition (sports and games mostly), which have fueled many of my

interests. I grew up in St. Louis, MO and it has a very special place in my

heart. So, it has been such a blessing to be back here helping fulfill Under

the Same Tree’s mission of empowerment in my own city.

What is your role with Under the Same Tree?

I am an intern at Under the Same Tree this summer. I am working on a

new influencer project that is currently in its beta testing phase. Along

with some social media support and making networking connections with

potential partners.

How has working with Under the Same Tree shaped the way you

encounter the world?

Under the Same Tree has put vision to what I’ve always wanted to see.

For a long time, I have had a passion for revitalizing communities through

building people up economically. I knew it was possible and have seen it

done in a smattering of different ways. Coming to Under the Same Tree

was enlightening because the model we use is so holistic and effective. I

now look at the world in new light of hope. There is a practical way for

people to break out of the vicious cycle that they so often fall into. It has

given me a new perspective on Business and how it can be used in the

most desolate of situations to build a new sense of hope for someone.

Under the Same Tree has renewed and fueled my passion to serve those

around me.

How would you invite people to get involved and make a difference?

First, I would encourage anyone who is even remotely interested in Under

the Same Tree’s mission to reach out and get coffee with one of our team

members. It is powerful to hear the heart behind the mission and to be

able to have all questions answered. Second, get out there and do

something! There are SO many ways to serve your community. For

example, you can volunteer at one of our artisan co-op booths at the local

farmers market, you can be vocal about Under the Same Tree by simply

sharing our posts and getting the word out, you can donate, or you can

travel with us! These (along with many others) are ways to be involved

not only in Under the Same Tree but in your community. I would highly

encourage involvement at any level! Even through these simple actions,

the impact is powerful.

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