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Namirembe is a member of a group of mothers in Kiboga, Uganda who have opened their families and homes to raising orphaned children in their community. Has raised several children, and currently is the guardian of Alex, age 13, as well as Nora, age 20. Weaves mats for a living, but is seeking a new source of income since she has had few customers recently. She is a part of our economic empowerment, and hopes to use her small business loan to diversify her income by raising poultry, since they are easy to care for, and she has not been in good health due to her age.

You can partner with Namirembe to empower her to raise her children well, and see her family thrive. $360 or $30 per month will fund her training and small business loan for one year.

Namirembe's 2017 Update:


Namirembe continues to struggle with health-related issues because of her age but remains hopeful. She has been collecting an income from raising and selling chickens and continues to provide for several children.

Get to know Namirembe's Children


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Get to Know Anna

Anna's primary business includes sewing children's clothing and making jewelry. She used her loan to make necklaces, earrings, and other custom pieces that she sells in Kampala and Kiboga. Her future plans are to expand business and possibly begin building homes that can be rented out as well as continue buying more materials for sewing and jewelry.​

Anna's Children


Family Update


Family Update

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