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With an ongoing sponsorship of $30 per month or a one-time donation, you can partner with Florence to care for orphaned children in Uganda.

Get to know Florence's Children:

Florence's 2017 Update:



Because Florence has opened her heart and her home to so many children, she often falls ill from the coughs and colds the children bring home from school. Right now she needs support. She still gardens to feed the children, but no longer sells the food for a profit and she is not able to sell roasted maize, chicken, or bananas anymore because of the smoke inhalation. Florence is planning on using a loan to buy, raise, and sell chickens to continue providing for the children and herself.

Florence's 2015 Update:


Florence is a rock in her community; she's wise and has a sense of humor. She is seventy years old, but has a yard filled with children. Florence was widowed at just thirty years old and later she also lost her daughter to illness, leaving her to be the sole provider for her grandchildren. Rather than giving in to bitterness and despair, Florence has built her life around caring for orphaned children in the community. She has been raising orphaned children for the past forty years f her life, and currently has four small children in her home. The youngest is three years old.


Florence used to feed the children by growing vegetables in her yard, but since she has developed arthritis and breathing problems, she is unable to garden anymore. She currently has no source of income, and she worries about the needs of her children. Under the Same Tree wants to sponsor the educational and nutritional needs of the children in Florence's care, and help her to start an income generating activity to earn money.

Get to Know Anna

Anna's primary business includes sewing children's clothing and making jewelry. She used her loan to make necklaces, earrings, and other custom pieces that she sells in Kampala and Kiboga. Her future plans are to expand business and possibly begin building homes that can be rented out as well as continue buying more materials for sewing and jewelry.​

Anna's Children


Family Update


Family Update

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