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Esther is a joy to be around. She meets me with a smile on her face, baby on her back, and a warm embrace. Esther is dignity and strength.

Get to know Esther's Children:

Esther's 2017 Update:



Esther is currently selling rubber shoes, which she enjoys much more than selling chips (her previous business). She is hoping to take out a loan through UTST soon and add more shoes to her inventory. She would also like to get a stall with other program members in her area to use as storage and a storefront.

Esther's 2015 Update:


Esther grew up in Tanzania, and came to the neighboring country of Kenya to serve in Evangelistic missions and ministry. She has a passion for Jesus, for following Him and sharing His love with others. After coming to Kenya, she married and started a family. Her husband had grown up as an orphan with no access to education, and the family she formed with him had very limited income, leaving their own children malnourished and undereducated. Recently, however, these challenges multiplied.


In early 2014, Esther’s husband abandoned his family, leaving her for another woman and disowning their three children. Esther has had to move her traumatized young children into a tiny one-room house, and they have very little to eat. Esther cannot afford to keep sending her children to school. Her baby daughter, Patience, is facing severe stunting due to malnutrition, which could lead to neurological disorders.


Esther is currently going door to door offering to do laundry in return for a little money. With a microloan, she hopes to open a stand in the market where she could sell used shoes and increase her income level. 

Get to Know Anna

Anna's primary business includes sewing children's clothing and making jewelry. She used her loan to make necklaces, earrings, and other custom pieces that she sells in Kampala and Kiboga. Her future plans are to expand business and possibly begin building homes that can be rented out as well as continue buying more materials for sewing and jewelry.​

Anna's Children


Family Update


Family Update

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